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It's such a small word but is often found at the start of many a conversation and is responsible for many a love story too!  Words are so powerful and I thoroughly enjoy using them in my job to create community, to help to tell a story, to create memories, and a wonderful atmosphere and experience for everyone present at an event.

So who am I?  Who is the person behind the voice and the writing I hear you cry!  Well, I've put together a few fun facts below to highlight a bit about me.  Here goes . . . .

  • I am a mum to twin girls (where's my cape?!)
  • I was a competitive swimmer and swim coach
  • I am a bit of an escape room enthusiast
  • I enjoy cooking and getting creative in the kitchen!
  • I love home programmes and interior design
  • I can do impressions of Voldermort and some of Jodie Comer's accents in Killing Eve!
  • I have an eidetic memory
  • I used to work for two Premiership football clubs (ask me which ones!!)
  • I love hats!


Jenny Knight


Career Highlights:

  • Over the years, I’ve worked for venues, alongside planners and consultants, and then set up as a planner myself.  When I started a family in 2011, I retrained and channelled all of my organisational, writing and speaking skills into a celebrant role, and began taking the industry by storm in 2014 with Knight Ceremonies!
  • Since setting up my own business, I’ve led the charge in educating venues, couples and suppliers about the work we do, I’ve set up a forum for my peers in the South to communicate and share ideas, and developed a strong team of associate celebrants (there are six of us now), and created a fabulous network around me of wonderful, talented and passionate professionals that all support and encourage each other.  
  • We are known as innovators and leaders in showcasing just what can be done when working with a celebrant.  I am passionate about making sure every ceremony we work on is both unique to the couple and inclusive.  We like to help people celebrate their heritage, cultures and traditions and love fusion, mixed-faith and multicultural weddings.
  • We work with and support the LGBTQIA+ community and champion non-heteronormative messages, language and representation.  We use gender diverse marketing collateral to ensure we better represent the couples that we work with, and we encourage other wedding professionals to do the same.
  • Creating community during the pandemic, with a weekly broadcast, bringing together hundreds of women and connecting small businesses.
  • Creating an inspirational series of celebrity interviews (talking all about their weddings) to give hope to those facing heartache and postponements during the pandemic
  • As one of the first UK celebrant teams, I’ve not just grown headcount, but scaled my processes and ensured a top-level service experience for all of my clients, no matter who is conducting their ceremony, we make sure everyone enjoys the same fabulous experience.

You can read more about me as a celebrant here.


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